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Unleash Your Groove,
Unveil Your Grace

Professional Entertainment

At every event, dance has a significant role in forming a memorable experience for everyone. Groove N Grace has a team of talented performers ready to hype up your guests with creative, energetic, and engaging choreography! We also cater to song and style preferences to seamlessly integrate our act with your event!

professional entertainment at dhoti function event

Event Choreography

Need a choreographer for an event you're hosting? Groove N Grace choreographs for all types of events from birthdays to half saree and dhoti functions to fashion shows and we work closely with you to ensure that your vision comes alive on your big day!

GWTCS fashion show lineup

Cultural Community Events

In today's society, we aspire to nurture the presence of Indian culture in our community through dance. Groove N Grace celebrates our heritage by partaking in local events and composing performances that expose the audience to a fusion of traditional styles! 

Sudeep dancing at CATS 2023 with his teen students
Picture of Manvi Janga

Manvi Janga
Professional Entertainer

Sudeep has an incredible mix of talent, patience, and dedication that makes him a fantastic choreographer and teacher.

Sudeep's teaching style is truly special. He makes you feel comfortable right away, even when you're tackling tricky dance moves. What makes him stand out is how he makes sure everyone understands each step. He breaks things down into smaller parts, which makes it easy to grasp, and then helps you make those moves perfect.

Picture of Gopi Kannaganti

Gopi Kanneganti
Event Choreography Client

We had Sudeep choreograph 6 pieces for our sons' dhoti function and the selection of songs and choreography were truly outstanding. The kids kept the audience on their toes the whole time and I even felt like joining them!

Picture of Sai Sudha

Sai Sudha
Former GWTCS President

Sudeep and his students have performed at our community events before and every time they bring such unique energy! They are always welcome to participate in our cultural celebrations.

Anonymous Avatar

Bhanu Javvadi
Fitness Client

I had the pleasure of training under Sudeep for the past 6 months. His passion, enthusiasm and expertise that he brings to every class is truly remarkable. and with his help, I was able to learn intricate footwork with ease and perform. What sets Sudeep apart is his diligence in making sure to understand each student’s individual strengths and challenges, providing modifications in steps so everyone feels confident. I wholeheartedly recommend Sudeep to anyone who is seeking to learn dance. 

Picture of Yashna Verma

Yashna Verma
Music Video Dancer

I’ve worked with Sudeep on many gigs and he has this magical energy that makes anyone want to dance with a smile on their face! He’s very light hearted and fun to work with, highly recommend!!

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